Top Bathroom Organization Ideas

Having an organized bathroom is certainly an advantage because you can prepare and get ready swiftly, and it can also make the cleaning process more convenient. It is also ideal to start and end the day in a clutter-free and spa-like bathroom space. However, keeping the bathroom well-organized and aesthetically pleasing might be challenging because of how often people use it in a day. In a busy household, a bathroom can easily end up cluttered and jumbled. But don’t worry because there are manageable ways to solve this dilemma.

At Cairns Bathroom Renovations, we know that the bathroom is one of the priorities when it comes to home renovation projects. That is why we always aim to guide our clients in attaining the style and functionality they require for their bathrooms. Whatever the layout of your space, we can help you keep them tidy through the bathroom organization ideas we have gathered. Try them out so you can avoid having a disaster zone in your bathroom.

Add Small Drawers under the Sink

Take advantage of the usable space underneath your sink. You can efficiently utilize and divide that space by using small drawers. Instead of squeezing your first aid supplies or cleaning products in the cabinet, you can put them in storage drawers and store them under your sink so they will be out of sight and lessen the clutter in the bathroom.

Using separate drawers can also help organize and locate the items or products in your space. You can also store toiletries, hair equipment and other products under your sink. However, if you will store cleaning products, pesticides or medicine on these drawers, you have to ensure that you can lock them properly so you can keep the children away from any hazardous item.

Use Drawer Dividers

You may have drawers or cabinets in your bathroom, but it still looks cluttered at the end of the day. Cramming all your toiletries, makeup, and other items in one drawer will just hide the clutter and not organize them. If you have a messy drawer, you might end up looking for you’re a small item for a long time.

That is why we suggest that you use drawer dividers. Through these drawer dividers, you can give each item in your drawer a home. Acrylic drawer dividers are popular because of the clean and minimalist appeal they provide for your cabinets. You can store similar products together so you will not have a problem locating them when you are in a hurry.

Have an Over-the-Toilet Storage

The area above your toilet tank is a great storage space for towels, toiletries and other bathroom items. Since they are placed above your toilet, you can easily keep them within reach even if you are in the shower, and this storage idea will not take up a lot of usable space in the room. The most convenient over-the-toilet storage you can have is a shelf. Whether it is a wall-mounted shelf, a rack or a whole shelving unit, you will have a lot of design and material options for this one. You can also reuse metal or mesh shelves and create a DIY storage unit above your toilet.

Another over-the-toilet storage you can try is building a recessed shelf. Although it might take more work than installing a regular shelf, it is still an excellent way to store your bathroom items. Moreover, the recessed shelf will not stick out into your bathroom, so it will look neat and stylish. However, if you plan to have a recessed shelf, it might be best to consult a professional because air ducts, electrical wires, or plumbing pipes may be in the wall behind your toilet.


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