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Even though your bathroom is the first room people see when they visit, it’s often neglected and left only in functional condition. You spend a lot of time in this space every day so you should also want to make sure that there are things here for both comfort and functionality. No one wants a leaky toilet or mold all over their walls! It may be tempting just to get something done quickly but if you’re going through with remodeling projects like these then take some care as well by getting new fixtures, flooring, lighting, etc. There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom, and the motivations behind each of them vary. Here is a list:

We at Cairns Bathroom Renovations are proud to be the most trusted bathroom renovators in Cairns and throughout Queensland. We understand every aspect of this industry, so you can trust that we will take care of your laundry or en suite with our experience!

Now, you don’t have to settle for a boring bathroom. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how the renovation experts do it – from start to finish. We provide high-quality workmanship no matter what size and shape your project may be because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing satisfied customers leave our premises after they’ve seen their finished bathrooms come alive before them!

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Why Work With Us?

We know that renovating your bathroom can be an expensive endeavor, but we're committed to helping you make the most of a limited budget. Our company has been in business for over ten years and is skilled at providing cost-effective solutions with maximum results!


We are the most trustworthy builders and bathroom renovation professionals in our area. Our team of experts has gone through rigorous training, ensuring that all work we do is top quality.


We provide you with the best products and services in the industry. With a commitment to upholding standards, high-quality work and long lasting materials, we promise that you will never have quality problems with any of our services.


No client is too big or small for us. Cairns Bathroom Renovations has built a reputation as the company to call if you have any important tasks that need doing, no matter how large they are! We know what it takes and we’ve got your back – give us a try today!


We can handle any need that you may have in the bathroom. From toilet installation to shower design and remodelling, we're your one-stop shop for all of these needs.

bespoke bathrooms

For many homeowners, renovating their bathrooms is both exciting and overwhelming. There are a variety of different styles to choose from, including modern or traditional; the amount you want to spend on it will also depend largely on your budget as well as how creative you get with design decisions like vanity placement and lighting fixtures. Bathrooms seem so small at first glance but there’s really no limit when it comes time for designing them!

en suite

A lot of people feel like their ensuite bathrooms are too small so if you’re one of them, don’t worry. We can help with our seasoned professionals who have experience in renovating these spaces to make sure they work better for your needs and preferences as well as the rest of the house!

bathroom tiling

Our Cairns tile specialists take pride in the fact that they can handle any type of installation, repair or replacement job youaa may have. Whether it is for hardwood floors and tiles throughout your kitchen or bathroom spaces – our experts are equipped to work with all types including natural stone, ceramic, porcelain etcetera!

Bespoke Bathroom Renovations and En Suite Remodelling in Cairns

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Bathroom Renovations Cairns Process

Our process is designed to create quality bathrooms that will exceed your expectations.

We will send a designer to your home so you can learn about our process in person and have all of your questions answered.

After you sign off on the project, we will provide an accurate quotation and set it in motion with our consultation service to make sure that everyone involved is happy.

We have a team of experts with years of experience in the field. We can work alongside you to design your new layout, select plumbing fittings, and paint colours for any room or space that needs it! Not only will our bathroom designers help you choose from products, and they’ll also go over all installation options available so there are no surprises come project start time.

The specialists will help turn your home into a safe haven for you to explore different ways of renovating. They may demolish the old space and let radiant excitement fill it up with new things! Our experts know how much potential renovation has in store, so they’re ready to take on anything that comes their way through demolition or construction preparation.

The next step is to start building. Once you’re happy with the strategy and design, our team of professional builders will get started with construction so that we can turn your vision into a reality!

We’ve been installing waterproofing materials for years. We will install a membrane that is guaranteed to make your bathroom watertight, and you’ll be able to shower or bathe with peace of mind knowing we have the best protection on hand in case anything leaks out.

Your bathroom will be clean and ready to go as soon they are done with all the finishing touches.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Main Bathroom Renovations in Cairns

We provide an innovative, low-cost solution to renovating your bathroom.

With many years of experience in the field with top-quality services that are within budgets and styles, Bathroom Renovation Cairns will renovate your bathroom so it feels like new. The main bathroom use is the most widely used space at home; hence you should maintain it to enhance its feel or look great! We provide all sorts of services such as tiling shower repairs or flooring.

There are many bathroom designs you can choose from, but the more creative your design is with color and pattern choices, the better. The colors of a shower curtain or towel can have an interesting effect on how people feel once they’re in there! Your flooring tiles could be white for a tranquil feeling after work to help relax before bedtime. You could also go bold by trying out pastel patterns instead if that suits you best – it’s all about what makes YOU happy!

The team at Cairns Bathroom Renovations offers bath renovations ranging from tiling services up through high-end designer options including wallpaper installation so that every aspect of the renovation is tailored just how you need them – whether they’re fancier than most bathrooms are used to having because this type on investment deserves nothing less than exquisite detail, or more casual styles.

Classic and chic bathroom with glass shower enclosure | Cairns Bathroom Renovations
All-white bathroom design with clean and sharp fixtures | Cairns Bathroom Renovations
Stunning brown and mahogany bathroom | Cairns Bathroom Renovations


With A Holistic Bathroom Renovations

If you’re renovating to increase the sale price of your property or create a dream bathroom for your family, we can tailor our Design-Plan-Construct process and experience in order to meet any of your structural and design requirements. We have renovated thousands of homes across Australia so there isn’t anything that will surprise us, no matter what it is!

Renovating is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one. With the guidance of our experienced team and proven systems, we can take on all your ideas with ease. Instead of feeling like you are in over your head or that there is too much going on at once, we will help make this process feel smooth from start to finish.

Renovating seems daunting if done alone; however, when working alongside professionals who know their stuff throughout each step of the way-from design phase through completion-the end result feels nothing short of life-changing!

All building professionals know that renovating existing structures is a different process than constructing new homes. Renovations often come with unique challenges and it’s important to have the right skillset for any project, which Bathroom Renovation Cairns has built up over years of experience in this field. Whether you’re thinking about expanding your space or upgrading some worn-out fixtures, our team will walk you through all the steps needed for success!

Traditional Bathroom Design with corner tub | Cairns Bathroom Renovations
Opulent white and marble bathroom with gold accent | Cairns Bathroom Renovations
Modern and contemporary en suite bathroom | Cairns Bathroom Renovations

En Suites in Cairns

The perfect way to make sure your en suite bathroom is as luxurious and spacious as you want it!

Dream of a long, hot shower with luxurious bath products and calming music? No need to work hard for it when you can have the en suite of your dreams. Our luxury designs will guarantee that no matter how far away from home you are or what kind of bathroom space is available in your new place, we’ve got options just for you.

We have the skills and experience to help you create a bathroom that reflects your unique style. We use only premium materials, like quartz surfaces and stainless steel fixtures, so it won’t look out of date before time’s up. And because we know how inconvenient construction can be for everyday life when done wrong or without consideration for those living there in the meantime, our work is always completed on schedule at competitive rates – not just with speed but also quality!

Tiling & Waterproofing in Cairns

We offer a wide range of choices for your bathroom tiles!

Tiles can be the difference between a bathroom that feels utterly refreshing and one that looks outdated, which is why choosing them wisely is crucial. If you want to install tiles in your home’s current or new bathroom, it would definitely help to take advice from someone who has done this before; otherwise there are so many decisions with important consequences for what kind of tile they’ll get. There are too many factors involved when deciding on appropriate tiles – such as size, texture and colour – but luckily professional companies like Tiling Master will guide homeowners through the process!


Tiles are a popular option for the bathroom floor and walls because they’re very aesthetically pleasing. They also come in different shapes, sizes, colours, textures… there’s really no limit to how you can customize your home! However, grouting is essential when it comes to tiles – if not done properly then it’ll be difficult or even impossible for those pesky gaps between tile pieces to hold up well over time as water continues its own natural wear-and-tear process on them with every shower. That means that without grout both the lifespan of your beautiful new floors or wall will likely decrease dramatically which would leave you feeling embarrassed about what visitors think of this major design flaw at worst and frustrated by dirty appearance due to dirt buildup within these cracks.


You can also consider waterproofing your bathroom because it’s the room that is mostly exposed to water and moisture. It will help in preventing any lasting damage, and you’ll always have a dry bath! The process has to be done right with several layers of waterproof membrane and lots of preparation on the walls and floors. If you don’t do this correctly then terrible water damage could happen like ruining the framework or even foundations for your house! Our skilled tradesmen combined with our warranty are here to make sure things get done just perfect from start to finish.


Most frequent questions and answers

Aussie’s love to renovate their bathrooms, and the price range varies depending on where you are located as well as how big or small your room is. On average Aussies will pay between $15000-40000 for a bathroom renovation which covers everything from tiles to labour and fittings.

Before you put your house on the market, think about what it will take to get that all-important sale. A well-designed bathroom can make a prospective buyer’s decision much easier and more enjoyable so start with some of these updates before they walk in!

A bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 27 days depending on how many weekends are included in the time frame. And I think that you’ll find it’s worth taking a little more of your valuable free time just so you don’t have to deal with any last minute weekend work when everything is done and ready for use!

If you want to avoid costly and stressful home renovations, then the bathroom is a great place for it. Remodeling your bath room can be a substantial undertaking that requires some time and monetary investment. So before starting on this huge project make sure you’re ready with these tips from experts who have done their research!

The design of any home can be improved with a bathroom remodel. However, when it comes to the specific tasks involved in such an undertaking, there is some order that needs to be followed for maximum efficiency and minimal complications due to old work being disrupted by newer activities.

For example, one should always start on the inside before moving onto anything else outside- so rather than starting right away at removing fixtures or tearing out the tile from floors (which will have leftovers remaining) wait until after you’ve completed your tiling job first; this way you don’t end up wasting time cleaning up messes made while working elsewhere throughout other parts of the room.

The time it takes to complete a bathroom remodeling project largely depends on the magnitude of work involved. The more you have, the longer it will take to finish up your next home improvement job. For example, if an unforeseen complication arises midway through renovation (which is likely with any complex task), then that means there’s even more waiting for you when construction resumes after resolving said issue(s). This can be frustrating as well as costly because this often delays timelines and increases cost-per-square foot rates due to skipped steps in between jobs or “in progress” fees incurred while awaiting resolution before progressing downstream. And we don’t want anyone’s hard earned money going down the drain!

There are plenty of creative ways to save money when remodeling your bathroom. For example, rather than purchasing expensive materials for a budget-friendly redesign you could try anything from vinyl flooring instead of wood planks or painting an already installed wall over with paint as opposed to buying and installing new drywall!